Emotional value & instant wellness

The Emotional Value that plays with shape and form, becomes a point of reference for future purchasers: quality, function, ergonomics, but also shape, weight, level of expression and perception. Using surfaces or volumes that relate to each other with simple ratios, together establish a dialogue with the light that defines and supports them.

The visual link that is created between these primary elements, is the soul of the game between architectural geometric planes and solid figures, weights and transparencies. The lightness or the feeling of suspension is communicated through the characteristics of the material, the transparency of the glass, but also because of the relationship between the visual force, of the real or perceived forms employed. Formal simplicity and aesthetics captured and crystallized in a moment.


As a result of years of experience

and Italian tradition, we have added a back light and heated glass shelf which combines style and practicality to Toto.


The upper compartment

is perfectly designed to accommodate an expresso machine or other accessory.


Glass door with an opening

scenography of rotation, heat treatment of glass customizable graphics.

Technical specifications of TOTO
  • Glass sliding door
  • Net weight: 151 kg
  • Consumption: 894 Kwh/y
  • Automatic defrosting of the refrigerator
  • Internal light which comes on automatically as the door opens
  • Accessable plug socket
Technical specifications and dimensions

Design & Features

Functionality's of the top of the line TOTO fridge and the best ways to customize your TOTO.

Rotary upscale opening made in Italy


To open Toto, simply rotate the sliding door to the side: a movement created by Imat to make Toto safe, simple and a pleasure to use.

Storage drawer for coffee machine accessories


Is perfectly designed to accommodate an expresso machine or other accessory.

Integral refrigerated drawer


The central drawer houses a high-efficiency refrigerator in which to keep everything at the ideal temperature: soft drinks, yoghourt, fruit and much more. A simple break becomes a pleasurable experience and there's no need to defrost, because Toto does that automatically.

Refrigerated drawer furniture design TOTO made in italy

You can customize Toto's sliding door and adapt it to your space: choose between different covers and surfaces.

YOUR SKIN - Toto is available in different sliding doors: you can remodel your Toto with your brand or your favourite skin.


Some pictures showing where you can place the TOTO piece of furniture and a new concept trailer video.

The piece of furniture TOTO is exposed to Les Caves du Lėman at Veigy-Foncenex, come see and taste wines.

The piece of furniture TOTO is exposed to Les Caves du Lėman at Veigy-Foncenex
Come see and taste wines at Veigy-Foncenex
TOTO fridge in general beauty centre
TOTO fridge in office
TOTO fridge with a custom brand
TOTO fridge with a dealership brand
TOTO fridge in conference room
TOTO fridge in conference desk
TOTO fridge in ROOM
TOTO fridge in Desk
TOTO fridge with multiples customize brand

Trailer video of TOTO

The most common uses

Dress Toto console in your own way, to make breakfast, brunch, tea break or the evening brandy unforgettable...
Always ready to give you and your guests pleasure moments.

8:00 morning coffee with TOTO fridge
15:00 moment of well-being with TOTO refrigerator
22:00 after the meal with TOTO fridge

Possibility to include the coffee machine

Jura made in swiss

Partner JURA

Type compatible :
Z6, impressa Z9, J90 or
J95, J800 and WF600 pro

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